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Diplomatic Security Services LLC known as DSS GLOBAL AGENCY, INC (DSS), provides physical Security Protective Officer Services, worldwide leading private security organization for Embassies and Consulate. Its services include program management, security consulting firm to United States government, fortune 500 companies and training, and electronic security solutions.

DSS specialized in dealing with Governments Security Services to include Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WOMD), Workplace Violence, counter-terrorist surveillance operations, disaster and emergency response teams. As a Security Protective Officer protects visiting foreign dignitaries, foreign diplomatic personnel and prevent loss or injury to personnel, dependents, property, destruction of assets; to prevent unauthorized access; and deter potential terrorist attacks. 

It serves governments and diplomatic missions and logistics worldwide. Diplomatic Security Services, LLC known as DSS Global Agency was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in United States.

DS GLOBAL AGENCY, LTD known as Diplomatic Security Services, LLC (DSS) has presence in Nigeria, West Africa and the Middle East.  

DSS have been the leaders in government security for many years, and have a team of specially trained staff for embassies security.

Our skills cover the broad spectrum of embassies, foreign dignitaries and foreign diplomatic personnel, as well as over 155 consulate worldwide.

DSS is committed to hiring veterans. Veteran recruiting is a large part of our company-wide recruiting strategy.

DSS, the industry’s premier provider of highly trained security protective officer personnel, is focused on providing high quality security protective officer services and hiring veterans is an important part of our recruiting strategy.

DSS is honored to employ those who have put their lives on the line to support our country. Locally and nationally, through our partnership with a number of veteran communities, we are committed to hiring high quality employees.

Our veteran’s partners come ready to work and to learn our industry. They are responsible and dedicated to serving their communities; they bring the leadership qualities and skills needed to provide the high level of security services that our clients need and DSS demands.

Services include:
Standard security protective officer for a site – access control and patrolling duties, or more specialist     work such  as receipt and dispatch control.
Armed Security Protective Officer – usually for government and to protect personnel and other high value     areas.
• Special event cover – special management team manages high profile events including conferences.
• Included equipment: torch for night duty, two way radio (with spare battery per post) baton, flashlight pepper       spray and handcuffs. 

We have registered a Security Guard Training Center Facilities and train locally and internationally to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry worldwide.

DS TRAINING ACADEMY-Diplomatic Security Training is a privately owned by DSS GLOBAL AGENCY,INC (DSS) and operated training center, maintaining security protective officers in the mission areas to handle training, administrative and support issues, and to assist with programs designed to improve quality of life.

We are founder members of the United States/Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP).


       "Securing your Consulate Worldwide."                                                    Against Terrorism 


The local equivalent to the "911" emergency line in Nigeria is 199, which connects you to emergency medical and police response services.